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Abandoned Wrecks, McNab Chris
Bloody History of London, Wright John D.

From ships left high and dry after the retraction of the Aral sea to Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic, from a rusting railway graveyard in Bolivia ... więcej

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford. - Samuel Johnson From plagues and poverty to financial ... więcej

Ships, Bishop Chris
Supercars, Gunn Richard

Ships contains 300 mercantile and military vessels arranged in chronological order, from ancient times to the present day. Every type of vessel from every ... więcej

Fast, glamorous and extravagant, a supercar encapsulates the romance, power and freedom of the motor car in one beautifully-designed package. Supercars ... więcej

Top 50 Military Aircraft, Newdick Thomas
Top 50 Tanks, Dougherty Martin

Ranked from 50 to 1, the Top 50 Military Aircraft selects the greatest military aircraft of all time, from World War I to the present day. From Fokker ... więcej

Counting from 50 down to the very best all-time tank at number 1, Top 50 Tanks features the greatest armoured fighting vehicles from World War I to the ... więcej

World War II Abandoned Places, Kerrigan Michael

A rusting antiaircraft fort in the North Sea. A German submarine base in France. A Flak tower in a Viennese park — more than 70 years after the end ... więcej



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